Vincent Saglier

A soliflore vase, bulging at the base with a long cylindrical neck. It’s made of opal glass with an apple green and lemon-like yellow lining. A silver metal mounting is put at the top. The latter was spun and openwork. Crude Daum glass. The engraving and mounting were done by Saglier Frères. 1900-1914. V[incent] S[aglier] monogram in a horizontal cartouche featuring an acid-etched sailboat, carved with a punty mark. The same cartouche is stamped on the mounting. On the body of the vase, a Lorraine inscription appears with a cross of Lorraine relief.

Ornaments: dragonfly and grasshopper in cameo, with a backdrop of aquatic plants in a pond. They are acid-etched and reworked with a bench-grinder.


Height: 26, base diameter: 10, maximum diameter: 14, mouthpiece diam.: 5
Ref in inventory Designmuseum: Alonso-119
Ref general catalogue: 38